January 20, 2012

Before and after: Union Jack Chair

I spotted this cute wee chair earlier in the week and had to have it...
(please excuse the picture quality, I think my camera is trying to tell me it wants to retire!)

The frame was a little beaten up and some of the plastic coating over the metal frame is brittle and falling off...but I think that all just adds to the charm.

I removed the chair feet, and gave the frame a good scrub down.  I got rid of the seat covering and whipped up a new one on the new sewing machine I got in December, can't believe it took me this long to fire it up, I love it!  (It is pink, which helps it go better, of course...bit like my yellow car ;)

So this is the made-over version...
The new seat cover is made of denim which I used inside-out.  The Union Jack-style embellishment is a couple of my favourite styles of ribbon stitched on.  The ties are also a ribbon.  New rubber feet finish it off.

This piece has sold.

xx Karen