May 16, 2012

I don't just paint stuff

I sew stuff too.  

Not as often as I would like, because I just seem to gravitate towards the paint tins first, especially over the warmer months.  I guess when the weather cools down, that equals sewing time to me.  This week it has cooled down, and although it is nowhere near as cold for May as what I am used to in NZ, my fabric and sewing machine won my attention, and this is what I have made so far...

I think they look cute all stacked in my Pale Blue Storage Cabinet!

I think I am finally getting the hang of my new sewing machine, and will continue to give it more of a workout over the rest of the week!

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  1. SO cute!!! i spent 4 hours yesterday sewing pillow covers out of vintage fabrics! see, i don't just paint stuff, too!

  2. Super sweet Karen, they look beautiful all stacked in your cabinet. Sandy x

  3. love them Karen. hope they sell well.

  4. Those are adorable pillow, Karen! Love the fabric combos--I'm sure they'll fly right off the shelves and into new homes!

    Carolina Country Living
    (visiting from Freckled Laundry)

  5. gorgeous!!
    i'm into making my own cushions too.....using lots of vintage sheets + pillowcases.
    I haven't ventured out yet to sell mine but just wondering what price do you sell yours at?

  6. Beautiful pillows Karen! They look so pretty in your blue cabinet. If I lived closer to you I would buy that darling teapot pillow. Su fun!

  7. Love your title. They are all beautiful! You always choose the best fabrics. I LOVE that chair too. I wish we weren't on different continents because I would love to buy it. You do retro so well. Are retro & mid century modern as big over there as they are here right now? I can't even touch those pieces at auction because they go for an insane amount of $. Hugs to you!

  8. these cabinets are beautiful! Where do you get all your pieces of furniture from?