May 31, 2012

Before and After: Tea Trolley & Shabby Chic Bar Stools

Today I have a couple of projects to show off at once...mainly because I have photographed them together!

First up, a tea trolley/side table.  It probably had wheels at some stage, but doesn't now.
It wouldn't be too hard to put some on if you wanted to.

It was pretty filthy, and had also previously been painted in a gloss oil based paint, and not very had runs and drips in the finish.  Depending on the look you are after, you can use this to your advantage,  similar to varnish that has peeled or cracked, like I talked about before here, or bubbled, which you can see on the corner of this duchess that I did in December 2009 (the actual post seems to be archived and won't let me link back to it!)  Here is the photo I am talking about...see the little lumps in the bottom right hand corner?
If you want to look at this project, go to my 'search' box and type in French Cream Four Drawer Duchess
Basically if you like the french country'distressed/shabby style of painted furniture, you need to work with certain 'imperfections', these are what add character and uniqueness to your piece.  Bear in mind that deep ugly scratches and names carved into table tops are NOT in the 'adds character' category ;)

On the tea trolley, I sanded it all over, but not so much that I completely removed the drips of paint, I just took down the gloss level (plus the sanding helped clean alot of the gunk off!).  Gave it a good wash then primed and painted it before distressing.  Here it is all done...

I think the green colour looks pretty cute next to the bar stools I recovered in Blue Rosebuds Oilcloth.

The barstool on the right is pre-makeover...boring grey vinyl top (with about 1000 staples holding it on...I should know, I removed every one of them!) and black foot stoppers.

You may be able to spy the green tea trolley and bar stools in these photos of my last market stall :)
The tea trolley and the barstools have both sold.