June 26, 2012

Before and After: Gelato Colours Bedside Tables

I have a pair of these bedside cabinets - they are drab and dark and were crying out for a lighten up!

They are solid pine, and the sides were built out of tongue and groove panels, which gave me the idea to go a bit different with the colours.  Firstly I sanded, cleaned and primed them, and painted them white (plain, untinted white).  Then I had some fun adding stripes to the sides in some of my favourite colours. I also did each drawer and knob a different colour, before distressing and waxing with liming wax.

I am still working on the second one, but here are photos I took of the first one
Looking at them in their before state just made me feel depressed...but now they make me smile :)

I think they bring a touch of summer to the middle of winter...not that it gets very cold here at all!

I think they go pretty nicely with my cushions!

I love this side by side comparison pic....ahhh the wonders of paint!

**15/10/12 edited to add, one of these has now sold, one still available**