June 24, 2012

Furniture Makeover: Shabby Chic White Dressing Table & Mirror

I was thrilled to come across this at one of my local haunts...so thrilled I got stuck right into it and this is the best I can do for a before shot...mid-priming...oops!

I have said it before but I always paint tables upside down and leave the tabletop till last... it makes it much easier to do the legs and make sure you haven't missed a spot, and of course you don't risk damaging the freshly painted top 
(did you know that it can take up to four weeks for paint to fully cure?)

In case it is a little hard to tell, the pieces that this set consists of are a narrow depth table/desk with two small drawers, and a smaller set of drawers with mirror posts, and of course a mirror.

I decided to keep this simple and fresh and went for white.  Here it is, all finished...
I thought the pale pink chair looked cute with this set.

I lined the drawers with some cute paper

Of course this set would make a gorgeous dressing table in a girls room, but you could also remove the mirror drawers (it just sits on top) and use the bottom as a small study desk, a hall table, or a sofa table.

This set has been sold.