July 5, 2012

Wicker Armchairs

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a pair of these priced at $30 each at one of my local haunts, so I jumped on them!
The covers are pretty special, aren't they?  Besides that, the amount of dust stuck in the weave of the cane could have probably padded another cushion (yuck!) I am finding the air gun attachment for my compressor is so useful for lots of cleaning projects, and this was no exception.  The airgun got rid of all the dust bunnies in no time!

I removed the old covers, turned them inside out, and used them as a pattern for my new covers.
I used my (current) favourite fabric to make new covers for these, but didn't have quite enough so had to use a contrasting fabric for the back of the backs.

I have only done one chair so far, here it is...
I am going to leave the frames unpainted at this stage...who knows how long that will last though ;)
...they would look cute in white...
The first time I used this fabric was on a cushion, which I showed here on my Facebook page, and which also made an appearance in my last post.  I grabbed 4 metres each of the blue and cream versions when it was on sale a few months back, not knowing what I would use it for 
(isn't that half the fun when buying fabric?)
The red gingham I used as the backing for the cushion is sold out and discontinued also, which I am not happy about...I have used it to make lots of things over the years, including these cute little aprons for my daughter's 5th Birthday in 2009, a cupcake party.
It was only 3 years ago, but these girls all look so tiny...wow they have grown lots in that time!
Of course I had to make a matching apron for myself too.
I think I might be the only one that still fits mine ;)
Wow, that was quite a tangent, even for me.  Getting back to the subject, this photo shows the most true-to-life colour of the fabric.  I like to put zippers into all my cushions for ease of removal for washing.  Yes it takes longer at the time but sure beats unpicking a seam later on, or using buttons or velcro as far as I am concerned.
Here are both chairs, sitting on my back deck where they will live.  I still need sort out a better table to put in between the chairs, that little Ikea one really isn't the look I am going for.  I have something on the go at the moment that will probably end up there.

So I still have more sewing to do to finish the other cushions, but I am pleased about how the first one has turned out...it is a nice little spot to enjoy morning tea!

Do you have a favourite fabric you have been using for years?  What do you do when you run out of it, or the shop no longer stocks it?  Console yourself with a shopping trip to the fabric shop? 

Yeah, me too ;)