August 29, 2012

Before and After: Beachy-French Country Style Bookcases

I found two matching bookcases at one of my local haunts.  They weren't in bad condition, they just had a funny yellow colour wash on them that looked worse in real life than in does here

I didn't take a photo of the other bookcase, but it had the same finish as this tall one.  Incidentally, those chairs in the foreground of this photo, I also purchased, and have painted one baby pink, and one vintage green.  Below is the low bookcase all finished, with the green chair.

Here's the tall one all done, with the baby pink chair, and one of a pair of barstools I did recently in my favourite vintage green colour.

The bookcases are a lovely greyish beige colour, based on Dulux Limed White, with some grey mixed in as I find Limed White a little bit too beige for my liking.  I think that these would fit in a home with beachy decor or french country, hence my post title - I really don't know what to call them!

The pink is a mistint and the green, I am not telling sorry...lots of time and trial and error has gone into finding the perfect shade!
Some of my collection of Melhuish's Pickles and Sauce bottles - I have posted about them before, here.  
As an aside, that particular post (Titled Shabby Chic Bar Stools for my Kitchen) is my most viewed post of all time.  Lots of people googling for shabby chic bar stools, it seems :)

The two bookcases actually sold to different people, although the lady who bought the tall one is thinking about having me paint a low one she already owns, in the same finish.  This new tall bookcase sits in her dining room where her own low one used to, but gives her much more storage, with the bonus of the cupboard doors at the bottom to being able to shut some things away from view.

I am always a sucker for crown moulding detail around the top of furniture pieces.  I seriously would have loved to have kept this piece.

So...are they Beachy? French Country? Just beige bookcases? What would you call them?
(please be!)

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