September 18, 2012

Furniture Makeover: Willow Grey Distressed Drawers

I have a set of drawers to show you, but I forgot to take a before shot...oops!

They were just your regular brown stained pine drawers.

Here they are now...
I gave them exactly the same treatment as these bookcases

It is a gorgeous colour, I think, and as I said in the bookcase post, could be beachy or french country depending on how you style it.

I lined the drawers with scrapbook paper.

As you can see in the above picture, the top two drawers don't quite match up.  They work perfectly well but whoever built this set didn't quite make them the same size!  

All adds to the charm I say :)

These are for sale over here on my facebook page or you can email me to arrange a viewing

**15/10/12 edited to add this piece has now sold**


  1. So pretty - I like your heart wreath with the little heart hanging inside.

    1. Thankyou husband bought me the heart last Christmas, bless him!
      xx Karen

  2. very nice transformation.. I do love the soft green of the chair and stool too. it all looks so fresh.
    Bec x

    1. Thanks Bec, that green is my favourite, I spent a long time hunting down just the right shade so I was very pleased when I found it!

      xx Karen