October 15, 2012

Client Commission: Beachy Bookcase

Last month at the market, I sold this bookcase to a lovely family.
You can see more pictures of it and read about the transformation here.

When she came to pick it up from my workshop (most people don't just happen to bring a trailer with them to weekend markets unfortunately!) she told me that she had a smaller bookcase that she'd like painted to match...this is often the way I get commission jobs, people will buy something off me then want other things they already own done to match, I love that!

Here is what it looked like when she dropped it off to me...
It was a similar style with v-groove backing boards which look great when painted and distressed.

Here is what it looks like now...

I'm sure it will look great in her home!


  1. hi Karen -it all looks great. hope she's happy but i'm sure she will be.
    cheers Fiona

  2. gorgeous Karen!! one happy client i bet:)

  3. fan...bloody...tastic!
    I have a house full of this stuff to revamp.
    Bec x

  4. What a great transformation, it looks light and lovely without losing any of its solid nature so that it still looks strong and robust, but a good deal more 'friendly'. So cool that it'll match up with the dresser.

  5. My, what a lovely blog you have created. I am hooked! I love what a fresh coat of paint can do to a piece of furniture or even a room for that matter . . . it delights me to no end. I love seeing makeovers and I love working on them, too. I am so happy that I found you. I found you through mutual followers and I hope that you will become a mutual follower, too.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)