October 12, 2012

Upcycled Furniture: French Country Style Sideboard

Yesterday I showed you the mirror that was originally attached to this piece, to make it a duchess/dressing table.  I decided to split these two pieces up and give them new life as a wall mirror and a sideboard/console.  

I did paint them the same, and also gave them the same finish, so if someone wants to keep them together, they can. The two pieces might work quite well together in a large entrance way with the mirror on the wall above the sideboard.

Anyway, on with the pictures!
Again, the before.  Dated, yellow coloured finish.  I didn't get a good picture of the top but it had several patches on it where the original finish had worn off.  It really needed a new paint job!

I always paint the insides of cupboards to freshen them up...one of my pet hates is seeing pictures of  lovely painted furniture with dark grungy cupboard interiors!
My motto is do a job properly or don't do it at all :)
This piece has the most beautiful detail on the door and top drawers.
It is hard to capture a good photo with my little camera, but the finish I have given it has a metallic sheen to it which really helps to highlight the mouldings.

I painted the handles the same colour as the sideboard but didn't put the metallic effect finish on them, so they look a bit lighter.

This piece is loaded on my trailer to come to the Port Macquarie Foreshore Market with me in the morning, if you are local, come on down for a look!

**edited to add, this piece sold at the market 13/10/12**

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  1. this looks beautiful.I hope it sells for you-love dee

  2. Hi Karen, it looks amazing, you have donea beautiful job, no wonder it sold so quickly for you. Hope you had a very successful market day. Looking forward to hearing about it all.
    Fiona xx

  3. Loved your blog. French furniture is so elegant and timeless.

    Georgie xx