November 19, 2012

Restyled Vintage Online Store and an Update

Hello, long time no see!
This post is a bit all over the show as I catch up on what I've been doing on the furniture front.  Bear with me, please!

For a while now I have been advertising the items I have for sale on my Facebook page which was OK, but far from ideal...just last week I realised I hadn't received notification of some comments potential customers had posted in regards to one of my products.  They had left the comments a week that resulted in unhappy customers, and missed sales for me :(

I wasn't going to risk that happening again, and decided it was well and truly time to open an online store.  You can find it at or by simply clicking on the tab underneath my header titled Restyled Vintage Online Store.

Obviously most of my upcycled furniture is local pickup only due to the size of the pieces, but I have lots of items that I am able to post and will happily obtain postage quotes for anything in the store, all you need to do is ask :)

The weather around here over the past couple of weeks has been very wet, so I have had to cancel two markets two weekends in a row.  I have everything crossed for fine weather this coming weekend so I can show off my newly finished pieces!  I didn't get a chance to have a proper photo shoot before loading up for the market that didn't happen, and the pieces are still loaded on my trailer waiting for the market that DOES happen!  I did snap these quick phone shots though...

I don't have a full length photo of this French Grey sideboard completely finished yet but will take some when I have set it up at the market (hopefully next Sunday 25th November).  
Handles still to go on
This has come a long long way since I bought it, when it looked like this...
That's a faux woodgrain effect on there. It wasn't pretty...and got worse before it got better, I stripped it back to bare timber.

I also transformed this pine table and these chairs
Into this super cute dining suite

Those chairs are ALOT of work (I hand paint and distress each one - I cheat and spray the primer on though!) but well worth it when you see the end result :)

In the last week I've also stripped back this sideboard
to bare timber as the varnish was practically falling off (see bottom kick rail in about photo)
And now it is sitting in primer white while I decide what colour/s to paint it.  I have too many ideas for it!
I can see it going beachy in pale aqua and white, French country in putty and off white, shabby chic in chippy white, and grungy vintage in a palm green, just to name a few...what colour/s would YOU paint it?


  1. AHH Facebook! That's so disappointing! I'm finding it a bit of a pain at the moment; I don't get to see the updates I want, they're often in some weird order etc etc.

    Good luck with this weekend!

  2. Wow Karen you've been a busy girl! All gorgeous lovely!! I find the same thing with facebook selling... notifications are unreliable :(
    Love the new project... I like the sound of aqua but the grungy vintage in palm green sounds exciting too! Can't wait to see what you do with it... sure it will be beautiful. Jo xx

  3. hmmmm...with the pretty scrolly front detail I would lean toward a traditional french soft pale bluey grey and cream or white....
    It's gorgeous can't wait to see what you do!
    Bec x

  4. Beautiful styling! I loved the colors you've selected. These light colors go very well with the room. My favorite pic is the one with the table in the middle(pic no. 7). It makes the room so lovely and inviting. :D
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  5. If only I could do your job....
    Your works are amazing!

    Lovely Idea