May 28, 2013

Retro Numbers Chair in Antibes Green

In my last post I showed you this chair which I painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antibes Green.
I told you I was going on a fabric buying mission the following morning, which was successful (eventually!)

I am pairing the chair up with this desk
and I see them ending up in a kids' room.  I wanted to use a fabric that worked with the retro style of the desk and chair, and I wanted it be be unisex, and tie in with the green. Easy, right?  

Well, I looked and looked and went round in circles, and nearly gave in and got a fabric with apples on it, which was cute, but just didn't quite cut it.  Then I saw THE know how it is when you are looking for something, anything, and you're not finding quite the right thing?  
And how good it is when you do find it! Yeah, that!

I had kept the old upholstery intact when I removed it from the chair, and used it to make a pattern for the new covers.  I ripped into the chair before taking a photo but it was very boring and very brown, and it's not now...

Here's a little peek of the desk with its new paintjob.  The green needs distressing and the planked top needs constructing. 
Hopefully I'll get to that over the next few days.

The desk and chair will be for sale as a set when all finished.

Chair - local charity shop
Paint - ASCP in Antibes green (given to me)
Fabric - Spotlight


  1. Love it, that chair shape is fabulous. Looks great

  2. hi Karen, the ASCP is lovely to use isn't it. your chair turned out so cute and the fabric is perfect - not just for kids I think!
    cheers Fiona

  3. Oh perfect fabric!! And I so love the Antibes green!!

  4. Looks fantastic Karen! Yep that happens to me all the time with fabric - I walk around thinking I'll just have to make do and then finally something catches my eye. LOVE the numbers :)