June 27, 2013

Beachy Bookcase and Dining Suite

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I've had a busy week working on a client commission plus projects to stock in the shop.  I'm finding since using Chalk Paint® that my enthusiasm has gone up a bit and the excitement of getting a piece finished is having a positive effect on my productivity!

This dining suite belongs to a client who wanted it restyled into a white shabby chic beachy look with grey washed tabletop.
Her kitchen/dining area was painted the most gorgeous shade of baby blue and had a gorgeous beachy feel.  Lightening up this dining suite was going to finish off her space perfectly.

I got to work stripping the tabletop back to bare wood.  I used paint stripper, my heat gun and finally my orbital sander to get it done.
Here it is, nearly stripped back enough, you can see in the photo that there are still slight marks on the table...don't want those there!  A fine grit sandpaper got those out.

I painted the chairs and table legs with 3 coats of Chalk Paint® in Old White, distressed them 220 grit sandpaper then finished them off with a 'Fine' 3M sanding sponge.  I cleaned off all the sanding dust then waxed with Annie Sloan Wax in Clear before buffing with a clean dry cloth.**  Hard to tell in my photos but the shine is amazing and they feel super smooth.

**re-reading my explanation might make it sound quick and easy.  I can assure you there are many many hours of hard physical,dusty and fiddly work involved in this transformation, just in case you were wondering ;)

The tabletop got the same treatment I have explained here.  I love this look.  
(That also took much longer to execute than it did to type it out!)
So much nicer than just doing the table all white.

Here is the suite now...

The bookcase you see above is something else I've just completed today.  I picked it up last week looking like this...

After a couple of coats of Old White and some wax, it looks much cuter :)

Two coats of Old White straight onto darkish timber, once waxed, gives quite a translucent 'whitewashed' effect which I like for certain pieces.  The three coats on the table legs and chairs give a much more 'solid' colour white.

Weather permitting, we are delivering the dining suite back to the client on Saturday...here's hoping she likes it (I always worry a bit!) The bookcase is for sale and if not sold prior, will be headed to La 'Bella Petite Boutique on Saturday too.
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  1. It is stunning I am sure she will love it.Another job done beautifully-love dee x

  2. The dining suite looks gorgeous Karen, I'm sure your client will be thrilled! I know what you mean, sometimes it's sounds like grab some paint... and hey presto! We tend to skim over all the gory unglamorous details of hours of work! ;) Have a great weekend, Jo xx

  3. Looks gorgeous, I'm sure painting, sanding and waxing those chairs and legs took HOURS!! It was ell worth it though, bookcase is beautiful too :)

  4. I see your blog was in Romantic Homes June issue, along with mine and others. You have a gorgeous blog with lots of great ideas!
    I love what you did to this table and chair set, it looks completely different and very beachy or "cottag-ie".

  5. That is an amazing makeover Karen!! I did a huge dining table for a client once, so know the hours that you would have put in! You have come up with the perfect beachy look :) Kate x

  6. What a transformation!! I know your client will love it...it'll look so good in a room with beachy blue walls :-)
    It'd be so nice if one coat of paint was enough coverage for big/fiddly pieces! I guess our excitement to see the end result spurs us on. That feeling never goes away, no matter how many pieces we've painted!
    You nailed this one Karen!! Xx

  7. I love that dining setting, I've just been showing my husband and saying this is what we should do to our ugly orange thing!!!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my restyled dining suite. This piece fits perfectly with my room style. I was so impressed with the finish that I commissioned Karen for another piece immediately

  9. You did a beautiful job on that dining set! I have to ask why you bothered with stripping and sanding out imperfections when you're using chalk paint? That's one of the beauties of it. Smooth it (if you even want) and paint! Nonetheless, after all your efforts, this set has another 20 years of life in it. Great job!

  10. hi Karen, I commented at the time on facebook but i love how this table turned out and no wonder your client was so happy. It looks a gazillion times better! thanks for linking up to my Paint parade
    Fiona xx

  11. Love the whitewashed look, so pretty. I would love for you to link up to my ongoing party - Inspire Me. - --http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2013/07/172nd-inspire-me-tuesday.html Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty