June 28, 2013

Introducing 'Sweet Pea' the Green Bookcase with Toy Chest

Here I am back already with another finished project, I really am on a roll at the moment and loving it!

I picked this up on Monday after purchasing it last Friday.
Unusually for me, I didn't have an immediate vision of what colour it was going to be, but I knew I didn't want to do it white...for one thing, I've just done a white dining suite and bookcase, and while white is nice (and right) for some things, it is a bit boring all the time and I thought this shelf needed a bit of character that white just wouldn't give it!  

I started playing with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® collection (it's not much yet, I only have 3 colours!) and came up with this green which I absolutely love...you know I have a thing for green ;)
It is a 1:1 mix of Antibes Green and Duck Egg.
Some of you might think that I am limiting my market by not sticking to 'safe' saleable colours.  
To that I say: I do this because I love it, I have an absolute passion for it and each and every piece I create, I would be thrilled to leave in my own home.  If I painted everything 'safe' colours I wouldn't have lasted very long because there is no thrill at all in that for me.  
I like to paint things in a way that makes me smile when I look at them.  
If you are reading here, hopefully they make you smile too :)
I love how this paint distresses!
So why on earth have I called this Sweet Pea you ask?  Some people name or number their painted furniture and I've never done that, mainly because I think I would have trouble thinking up cool names. I wouldn't have trouble thinking of numbers, obviously, but like too much white and neutral furniture, that's a bit boring ;)

Last night on Facebook I wondered about a name for this colour and some of my readers posted great suggestions.  I got Mint Fudge, Clementine, Esmerelda Emerald and Summer Field which were all beautiful, but the first suggestion won me over...it's something I call my daughter...Sweet Pea - thanks Yvonne for the great suggestion!  Of course I can't really give the paint colour a name, it's not my paint to name.  So I've named the piece of furniture instead....next piece I paint this colour might have to be Sweet Pea 2 or Mint Fudge!

Sweet Pea is for sale, please feel free to contact me for details.has sold, thanks.
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  1. That is cuteness all over Karen. Love that colour (green being my favourite colour). Like you said, white may sell but it's boring and we are anything but! :) xx

  2. That gorgeous!, I love the color chosen for this furniture makes it much lighter and cheerful.

  3. I love Sweet Pea! There's nothing like a pop of gorgeous colour here and there! Have a great weekend Karen. Jo xx

  4. That is such a beautiful colour, makes me smile too :). I call my nearest and dearest sweet pea too so it's perfect.

  5. I love the colour it's just beautiful!

    I agree about the saleable colour stuff - I just think it might take a little bit longer to sell, but when it does it will be going to someone who loves it.

  6. Love the colour lovethe piece-love dee x

  7. Karen, that color is flipping FANTASTIC! Love it. :)

  8. oh im really behind on my blog reading!!
    Another gorgeous one Karen, love your sweet pea!!

  9. hi Karen - such a bright fun colour and perfect for this bookcase. You have a great eye for mixing beautiful greens
    Fiona xx

  10. I love this piece! Its so cute and the color is so fun!

  11. I love the colour... and yes i think painting everything white can get a little boring after a while even though it looks good. I adore that little chair in pink and blue too!! take care, Maryann

  12. It's beautiful, Karen!! I absolutely love the color!

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