June 30, 2013

Shabby Chic Patchwork China Cabinet

Hello there, we are having a super lazy Sunday today...it is raining, it's the start of the school holidays, and I've had a massive couple of weeks painting wise - we delivered this dining suite back to its owner yesterday in the pouring rain and didn't get home till well after dark.  She absolutely loved it (phew!) and had another job all lined up for me...a large bookcase that she wants shabby chic white with multi coloured pastel shelves...I am so excited to work on that and see how it turns out!

Friday and yesterday I worked on a coffee table which I've done the beachy/french willow/weathered barn wood/driftwood finish on the top of it again...getting boring haha but I do love it...I own four tables in my own home that I've given this treatment to. How many tables does one house need you ask? More than four when you love furniture like I do ;)  The table is all finished but I haven't photographed it yet.

What I'm showing you today is this china cabinet...
I bought this about a year ago and got stuck straight into it ripping the wallpaper off the interior.  Then it sat, and sat, while I thought about what to do with it.  I knew I wanted it pretty and girly but still it sat, until recently.

I wanted to do something different with the interior, so I made up some upholstered panels like this:
They are pieces of 6mm MDF that my Dad cut for me (thanks, Dad!)
Just realised how blurry this pic is sorry, but it shows how I put each panel together.
I repeated this for all eight of the panels, then glued them into the back of my freshly painted cabinet.
Here it is all finished...

In this shot there are a few other little bits and pieces that I painted in Old White Chalk Paint®, I won't be posting about them separately, they've all gone to the shop.
I envisioned this cabinet being bought by someone who maybe wanted it in their craft room, or perhaps display in a shop.  I wasn't far off...as soon we took it to La'Bella Petite, Cathy decided she needed to keep it there for display and purchased it off me.
It looks right at home in the Girly Room!

One last thing...I've just got my head around pinning my own projects to Pinterest...if you'd like to follow along, you can find me here.


  1. sounds like you've got yourself into a great shop Karen, just prefect for your shabby pretty furniture. congratulations and well done. glad it's all going so well for you
    Fiona x

  2. Hi Karen it looks really good how unusal .I also love your name sign where did you get that from or did you make it=love dee x

  3. Love your idea to change out the back - and obviously the shop owner did too! Another gorgeous makeover!

  4. perfect for a shop!! looks fantastic Karen!
    I knew your client would love her dining set...go you!! ;-)