July 16, 2013

Paris Grey Dining Suite

Hello, hope you are all well...it is the first day of school for Term 3 for my kids today.  
We've enjoyed the holidays very much but just quietly I am enjoying today too ;)

I had a bit of a break from painting in the holidays which is nice for a short while, then I miss it terribly and cannot wait to get back into it!  I have quite a few custom jobs lined up at the moment which I am very grateful for, and now the kids are back at school I am looking forward to getting stuck into them.

I did sneak this transformation in last week, and have just managed to get photos of it this morning.  You would think after several years I would remember to take a 'before' shot of each project, but for this one I didn't, so we can skip straight to the pretty 'after's ;)

This was my first project using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey, and I love it...what's not to love about a pretty grey, especially when teamed with white.  I used a watered down mix of Old White on the tabletop, which I sanded back to bare wood.  I waxed the whole lot with Annie Sloan Soft Wax in clear, and it's hard to tell in my photos but when you buff after using this wax you get the most amazing shine on your pieces.

I distressed the suite quite heavily because I think it needed to be with this colour and style.

I am a total sucker for vintage-style signs...just cannot help myself, they are so cute!
How can you not love that?
I love them almost as much as I love bunting ;)


  1. oh i love this one! i always love soft gray dining chairs!

  2. Gorgeous Karen! The soft wax shine is so cool isn't it?!
    Glad you had a nice break...I'm back into it today too! Xx

  3. I love Paris grey also. you have a great sheen there on your chairs. You can tell by the photos. Love that bottom photo also with the bunting. I'm sure this will sell quickly also (or is this a custom job?)
    cheers Fiona

  4. Great job Karen, love the setting. x

  5. Just found your blog from S.S.Style and I love what you did with this kitchen set! I have a similar kitchen table/chairs to work on soon and I'm torn on a color!
    great job!

  6. Love that set Karen, just beautiful! And the grey is great, might out that on my list for next time ;)

  7. karen you did an amazing job! I love ALL of your furniture. Thank you for following me so I could find and follow you too!!

    I would love for you to join my paint party starting tonight @ 8pm

    Hope to see you there!

    PS where are you at in Australia? My husband lived there for a bit in Melbourne and Tasmania!

  8. Sweet table refinish! Love how your art and tray pop! Pinned. New follow. I posted fabric flower refashion at Wow us Wed. Follow back:)

  9. how lovely you did a really great job.Also congratulations I saw you featured on Wow us Wednesdays this week I was also featured this week yeah chalk two up for Australia-love dee x

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