July 4, 2013

'Pistachio' - Bedside Cabinet

Hi, Happy 4th of July to all my USA readers, especially Cassie ...yes I am a bit early for you but it is the 4th already here in Australia! 
I hope you enjoy your day with family and friends, and that the sun is shining :)

This is my last project for the week before we pack up and head off to Sydney for a 4 day weekend...not a holiday weekend for us as such, but it is the middle of our winter school holidays so a little break is nice!

I picked up this cabinet a couple of days ago...someone had obviously given it a paintjob previously but it was time for a fresh one.

Now I probably would have kept walking if I didn't like the previous paint colour and didn't think I could use it to my advantage...stripping paint is a lot of hard work and I cannot always be bothered, particularly on a small piece which is only ever going to achieve a lower price than a bigger piece. Sometimes it's just not worth the time and effort versus your return.  Still, I've learnt that the hard way, and will no doubt continue to break my own rules on this when it suits me!

I played with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paints® again, as I have said before I only have three colours so far but the combinations I can make with those are many and varied.  I do hope to pick up another colour or two soon though.  I wanted a light green to go with the pink so I mixed Antibes Green with Old White but didn't go as pale as the green I made for this toolbox - I mixed 4 parts Old White with 3 parts Antibes Green.
This is the finished piece - I applied two coats of paint, distressed, applied clear wax and dark wax, and new sparkly crystal knobs.

See how the pink shows through in places? Just like a pistachio ;)

This is for sale, please contact me for details.


  1. Oh what a cute little cabinet! And I love the green!

  2. Oh it's sooo cute Karen! Love how you worked with the existing colour and that it peeks through that lovely green a bit ;) Kate x

  3. Lovely! Love pistachio's and love this colour!

  4. Yum, love pistachios and love this little cabinet. Enjoy your trip, especially your shopping ;)

  5. Hi Karen,

    Love this colour.....mmmm. You also inspired me with the green chair you did a few weeks ago too. I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and give green ago.

    Have a super week end!


    At Home Vintage

  6. Beautiful colour!! Love the pink sneaking through :-)

  7. Gorgeous colour especially with the underneath red peaking through. very cute. hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Perfect weather for it!
    Fiona x

  8. Looks beautiful Karen! This colour so reminds me of you and your blog :)

  9. Looks fabulous, loving that green!

    I have passed on your details to a lady from the Port Macquarie Craft Expo, she invited me to go along, but as you are in the local area and do similar things, I suggested you- I hope you don't mind?

  10. Love the colour. Wish I'd known about your shop in Taree the last time I was passing through!!! Next time... :-)