August 28, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Florence Hutch

I bought a new to me Chalk Paint colour recently - Florence. I was so excited to paint something with it, and I thought this hutch would be perfect!
I didn't want to use the Florence in full strength so I mixed it 1:1 with Old White.
This mix makes a gorgeous fresh colour, but it is still pretty bright!  I wanted a soft, worn, layered look for this piece so after two coats of the 1:1 mix, I further lightened the mix by adding more Old White - can't tell you quantities sorry, I just piled some in till I liked the look of it!

I did one coat of the lighter colour, then made a whitewash of Old White and applied that to all of the blue/green bits, wiping it off with a dry clean cloth.

I painted the backing board and cupboard fronts in Old White, over the top of the Florence/Old White mix.

Once all the paint was dry I hit it with my mouse sander and 240 grit sandpaper, wearing the top layer of paint off in places to reveal the slightly deeper colour underneath.  

After a wax and a buff, here it is...
To me the hutch looks quite blue in some shots - I'm not quite sure how to describe it - it's neither blue nor green, but it is very pretty :)

This photo shows the layers of colour, showing up the grain lines in the timber.

Cathy at La 'Bella Petite had a buyer for this as soon as it was finished, so I'm off down the highway tomorrow to deliver it!
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  1. Thank you Karen very kind of you.
    Love your hutch, the colour turned out beautiful. How good is that sold already, gotta love everything about Chalk Paint.
    Your auntie called in and saw me today she is lovely. Enjoy your week. xx

  2. I kindsa of like this colour as it is a bit to blue for me but you have done a beautiful job as usual.Love the little handles-love deex

  3. what a fun piece! and love the pops of red added in the decor!

  4. That looks so pretty Karen! I love the bright turquoise. How fun you were able to meet Sandy. You both do beautiful work!

  5. Oh that's gorgeous, love the layers. A bit scared about one day seeing all the colours in real life, I might have to buy them all!

  6. Just beautiful! And I especially love it with the pops of red accessories - very retro!

  7. It looks beautiful Karen!! I've bought Florence but I'm yet to give it a go. One day!