August 19, 2013

Distressed Vintage Green Desk

As you know, I am always painting furniture, it is what I do.  What I don't do, nearly often enough, is paint furniture for my own home...sure, I have lots of pieces I'd like to paint, but they keep slipping down the list as I am kept busy painting pieces to sell, and painting pieces for others.

Not that I'm complaining, I am thankful and grateful that I get to do what I love as a job!

I have a mental list of things that I am on the lookout for for my own home, and one of these things was a desk with a hutch for my little boy.  A few weeks back, I walked into one of my local haunts, and this was waiting for me...
Granted, it is a little on the large side, but it was solid timber, had lovely t&g backing on the hutch, and was a great price. It had to come home with me!

My son has great taste, like his Mum ;)  When I did this bookcase, he fell in love with the colour, and requested the same for his desk.

I mixed up my favourite blend of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg and Antibes Green and painted on two coats, before distressing and waxing with Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Here it is...
I styled the desk up how I would like it to look, but it will look very different when my 6 year old boy has had his way with it ;)  I have promised to share photos once it is in his room. 
He is sitting beside me right now and just saw the photos of 'his' desk and said 'oh why have you got all that pretty stuff on my desk?' haha!

Once the desk is in his room I am going to make a custom fitted notice board to fit in the gap between the desk top and bottom of the hutch.

The chair belongs at my desk, and is a keeper. I had it done a few years ago and absolutely love it.

Obviously the shelf at the bottom for the computer tower is no longer required in this day and age lol...still working out what to do with that.  I will probably install a shelf in there and try and find some baskets to fit.  If you have any other ideas, I am all ears!
Here it is in my showroom this morning with the bookcase of the same colour...this sold some time ago and it is being picked up this week.

Think it might be time to paint something a different colour now...although I do have a custom job to start on in guess what, the same colour :)  

Just as well I love it!


  1. Lovely work Karen. It's great when your kids get excited about the things you do. It really is a great colour too xx

  2. You (we!) do get a run on of the same colour for a while...until the next favourite comes along!
    Looks fantastic, what a great, solid find! And the shelf and basket idea sounds good for the tower side. Not much else you could do unless you could make drawers ;-)
    Beautiful work as always Karen! Xx

  3. That is such a great color! And it gives that desk a totally fresh new look! Really pretty Karen!

  4. This is amazing! Did you have to sand it down first or did you paint straight away? Xxx

  5. The desk looks great I hope your son appreciates it. I don't if you remember I emailed you a little way back and you said once I have a web site to let you know Well I have a blog site now under I am not very good at it so please excuse me . But i am trying Much prefer the painting and sewing to the technical stuff Oh Well . Janet Ps thanks for your help when I neeeded it

  6. Looks amazing and such a great colour.I have just bought a sideboard and cant decide to do it yellow or white but looking at this colour I think I may go green.It would match in with my other bits so I might just go with it-love dee x

  7. Looks fabulous, love the colour, love the chair too- just as well a 6 year old boy wouldn't want that in his room! I would put a shelf and a couple of baskets in the tower space.

  8. Gorgeous colour Karen! A shelf sounds like a good use of the space in the old tower too. Have a great week, Jo xx

  9. Love the desk Karen, and that colour is beautiful! I can see if filled with 'boy stuff', the usual blues, blacks and greys will look perfect.

    Only other thing you could do with that space is leave it for his back pack or school bag...

  10. love it Karen, I'm about to attempt a Tv cabinet and thinking this colour looks great, your son is a lucky boy having such a clever mummy!
    Bec x
    P.s I'd love you to post a pic of it when your son restyles it!

  11. What about putting a garbage basket in the computer tower area and putting it on a slide out track? That way it wouldn't tip over?

  12. Love it. Can't wait to see what your son does with it :)

  13. I love this desk. You did a great job painting it and it's such a great shape with the shelves above. X