August 3, 2013

More Porters Liquid Zinc Projects

Two posts in one night - I know!  Last week when I showed you the Coffee Table I did for my client Amanda in Porters Liquid Zinc, I mentioned that I had done a couple of 'practice' pieces so I knew how the paint finish would turn out.

These were my victims:
A wine table I believe with a green leather top on it, and a pine bedside cabinet in that golden honey colour we all love (insert Tui ad here)...that means 'yeah right' for the non-Kiwis ;)

Anyway...I cleaned then primed these pieces, using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey as my primer. I could have used ordinary adhesion primer but I wanted to check the Chalk Paint® worked as a primer when you put another paint (non Chalk Paint®) over the top of it.  It does :)

Oh, I nearly forgot...the first thing I did was whack some nails in on the corners, to mimic rivets on a real metal piece.

After priming, I painted on the Liquid Zinc mixture, doing two coats (allowing drying time in between of course). Once that was dry I painted on the Ageing Solution and waited for the magic to happen.
Here's how they turned out...

I've learnt that the finish you get with this paint system is quite random and will differ for each project - where it bubbles, leaves holes, gets a brownish tinge, goes darker (almost purple) - all random.  The direction and pattern of your brush strokes in the base coat definitely has an effect - you can see them quite clearly in this photo above. Keeping the brush strokes all over the place adds to the effect I think.

These pieces are available for sale, please contact for details.
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  1. Such an amazing effect Karen, love the idea of nails in to look like rivets, and the little round table top is gorgeous!

  2. these are great! i especially love the little table!

  3. GREAT idea! They are fabulous now! I've been wanting to try that liquid zinc!

  4. Both these pieces turned out so well, Karen, and I love that you added rivets! great idea. I think this would also look amazing on an old steamer trunk. have a great weekend (what's left of it anyway)
    cheers Fiona

  5. Love the nails as rivets, great finishing touch :)

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