August 15, 2013

Pretty Pastel Bookcase

Hello! Today I'm showing you a bookcase transformation that I completed a few days ago.  
You may have already seen the photos on my Facebook page.
This bookcase belongs to Hayley, whose dining suite I refurbished a little while ago.
She absolutely loved her new Beachy Dining Suite and decided she'd like something done with her bookcase to match the new lighter fresh look. Hayley had seen some of my other projects using pastels, particularly these chairs and this dining suite.
In fact before I did her dining suite we discussed doing the chairs in pastel shades but in the end decided to bring colour into her dining area in other ways, keeping the chairs more versatile in distressed white.

The bookcase was just the place to introduce a bit of colour. We talked about which pastel shades Hayley liked, which included all four colours used in the first chair photo above, along with mauve as we needed one more colour to make our plan work.  After brainstorming a few options, we decided that the main body of the bookcase would be Annie Sloan's Old White, to tie in with the dining suite, and the shelves would each be a different pastel shade.  I was so excited - I LOVE projects like this where the client isn't scared to try something a bit outside the box!

Here's how it turned out...
As you can see I did each shelf a different pastel shade - from top to bottom we have Taubmans Sunwashed Straw, Porters Cupcake, Pale Blue (misstint), Taubmans Old Lavender, Porters Glossodia.  Top and bottom mouldings are Porters Cupcake.
Love this cute little detail on the front edges, especially now it is picked out in pink!

To finish, here's a side-by-side look at Hayley's bookcase and dining suite prior to and after the Restyled Vintage treatment.
Much better, I reckon!
Thanks to Hayley for entrusting your furniture to me once again, I had lots of fun bringing your vision to life :)


  1. looks great reminds me of gelato summer colours-very clever Karen deex

  2. Beautiful Karen! I love how you give bland (orange) pieces some much needed character...not easy but you do it so well! Xx

  3. I love the mix of colors Karen! So pretty!