August 3, 2013

Rustic Green Drawers

Hello!  Tonight I have another 'sweet pea' green project to show you...what can I say, I LOVE this colour and I think it suits this project, and my signature style, perfectly.
I found these drawers earlier this week when I was picking up a desk I found for my son.  The desk has a hutch on it and was so big I had to drive home with the hutch part tied to my roof rack - but was I going to let that stop me doing a round of the furniture pickings while I was there? Of course not, I'm not stupid ;)  That is how I scored this beauty, and also a gorgeous retro duchess.  You should never pass up an opportunity to have a look :) 
I just had to make two trips to the op shop that day...after I nabbed my poor neighbour man from across the road to help me unload the first lot!

One drawer needed a bit of repair work and the top had an ink stain on it, so after fixing those things I gave it two coats of the green mix (ASCP in Duck Egg + Antibes Green).
A bit of distressing was followed by a clear wax then dark - I  haven't been using dark wax for antiquing as much as I used to, but for this piece I felt the colour and shape really warranted it.
Here's how it turned out:

This photo shows how shiny the wax finish can see reflections on the top :)

This piece is for sale; please email for details.

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  1. Beautiful! I love all your colour creations, this one is gorgeous!

  2. Love the color and the finish! Such a pretty vignette :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL! Now it's a treasure! Glad I visited through Funky Junks party!

  4. Let's see -
    love the shade of green on the dresser . . . love the colorful little banner . . . love the basket of colorful utensils . . .

    B E A U T I F U L ! ! !

  5. You've really achieved a great waxed finish, I like how it reflects the pieces on the top. Cute banner by the way :)

  6. Gorgeous, I'm sure you know from fb how much I love this colour! Love the shape of the dresser too with the cute little apron at the bottom.

  7. I love the finish on your inspiration photo! I can't wait to see what else you do!

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