September 26, 2013

French Script Chair

Hello, I've got a very different project to show you today, different because it's a bit removed from my normal style.  I was offered this chair to purchase a few weeks ago by a friend of mine who had bought it to do up but hadn't got round to it. I'd need my head read if I said no to this beauty...

I loved the shape of the chair and knew it would look fantastic with a bit of paint on it!
I got to work stripping the old upholstery off...and pulling out the tacks...lots and lots of tacks...
I gave it a sand in a couple of places where the old varnish had been roughly applied and had left drips.  Then I gave it a wipe over and painted it with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in French Linen.  I then mixed up a 1:1 mix of French Linen and Old White, and roughly painted this over the frame...sort of dry brushed but with a little more paint than you would usually use for dry brushing.

Once it was dry I sanded it all over with a superfine 3M flexible sanding sponge, then clear waxed it.

Onto the upholstery...I had an idea in mind for the chair (stripes) but when I saw this French script fabric brand new in at Spotlight, I knew it would be perfect for this chair and had to have it.  It is $24.99/m and I bought one metre, could have got away with 0.7m but I don't mind having leftover fabric to play with (I've got spare fabric widthwise too, not just 30cm in case you were wondering!)
In this photo you can see where I have marked the fabric with a fabric marker, I held the fabric down so I could feel the chair edge then drew along that line, before cutting my fabric there.
I actually haven't ever upholstered a chair like this before...I just made it up as I went along!
I folded all the raw edges under before I stapled - trim will cover this anyway but I wanted it to be as neat as possible.  My staple gun is powered by my air compressor - so easy to use, I wouldn't dream of doing this with a manual staple gun...they hurt my hands!

Stapling all finished, ready for the trim...
I bought 2m of trim (just a guess) and applied it all in one piece, starting at the centre back.  I had literally a 4cm piece left over (turned out to be a very lucky guess!)  I applied the trim with a hot glue gun.

I know this French script thing is a bit overdone already but I like it in the right place, and do think it really suits this chair.

The beautiful detail on this chair really shines now it's not hidden within that dark wood finish it had.

I got the trim to bend nicely around all the curves and corners without too much trouble.

This chair is a one-off and is for sale, please contact for details.
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September 24, 2013

Vintage Green and Cream Corner Hutch

Hello...funny story...I posted a progress shot of this project on my Facebook page the other day, saying how I had decided it was well and truly time to get it finished.  It kept getting pushed down the list because I was doing it to keep for our know...a furniture painter's furniture never gets around to being painted ;)
So, Sunday afternoon I got it done!
The funny part is, now it is done, I've decided I don't have the room for it, particularly because last week I painted (then decided to keep) the French Linen Buffet.  I love them both but they are such different styles...and the French Linen Buffet fits better in our home.

Here's how the corner hutch started out...

I painted it using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® - Old White on the inside, and a custom 'vintage' green on the outside.  To make the green I used Antibes, Old White and French Linen in quantities I didn't really measure - it was approx equal amounts of Antibes and Old White with half the quantity of French Linen.  I did the first coat of green a lighter, cleaner shade to give it a bit of a layered effect.
It is very subtle but I think that it works well with this piece to add to the vintage feel.

Here's how it looks all finished...

It reminds me of this hutch I did last year...
That was pre-ASCP, and I used Porters Glossodia for the green and Resene Pearl Lusta for the cream. It's up there as one of my most-viewed posts...although nowhere near as many views as this one,or this one - which, ironically, has nothing to do with furniture makeovers!

This piece is for sale, please contact for details.

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