September 10, 2013

China Cabinet for Paula and The Story of the Perfect Vintage Green

Hiya, I am back again with another custom job for Paula - last week I made over her hall stand and this week I have done her china cabinet, both in the same 'vintage' green - a mix of Annie Sloan Duck Egg and Antibes Green.  
I know I am like a dog with a bone about this colour lol - but it really is the most gorgeous green - I just stumbled across it by accident, while having a play with a couple of Annie Sloan paints I had on hand a couple of months ago.  When the mixture is wet it looks nothing like the finished, waxed colour, so it was all a bit of a gamble really.  I do like to jump into things with both feet so instead of trialling it a small piece (which would have been rather sensible), I launched straight into this bookcase.  

As you do.  

Thankfully I loved it as soon as the paint hit the timber, and I was so excited when I saw the colour going on, then when it dried, that I just had to get it distressed to see how it would look...even though it was dark outside! 
(I have a great workshop but distress my furniture outside, it creates far too much dust to do it inside). 

Please tell me I am not the only one to get so excited about painting a piece of furniture that I continue working on it in the dark??? ;)

It seems a lot of you loved the colour as well - the bookcase sold straight away and many people left comments on my Facebook page saying nice things about it - thank you!

I went on to paint this desk, a dolls cot, a desk with hutch for my son, and the hall stand.  
I have a couple of other projects on the go in this colour too!

Anyway onto the after shots of Paula's cabinet...
The cabinet has glass shelves that I left at Paula's home, so I couldn't have a play with this for the photos...probably just as well, I love it already and if it had my things inside may never leave my place ;)
I masked the glass inside and out in order to do a tidy job.  Sometimes for say a mirror I will just paint without masking and then razor the paint off the glass before it cures - in this case that would have been way to messy, given that there are leadlights on the panes.
I didn't remove the masking tape until after I had distressed, waxed and buffed this, in order to protect the glass from being scratched by the sandpaper, and to stop excess wax getting on the glass - messy to clean off!
The insides are all painted, including bits you wouldn't normally need to paint, but do when a mirror is involved - don't want an unpainted bit to be reflected in the mirror!

(Yep the handles are crooked - I haven't tightened them yet, to give the paint and wax a chance to cure a bit first)
I distressed this piece by hand using 240 grit sandpaper and then a fine 3M Softback Sanding Sponge.  
These give the most super smooth finish you can imagine, and are very pliable, kind of like a cloth - great for rubbing along mouldings etc.
Stuff with mirrors are hard to photograph, aren't they!

Paula has a beautiful collection of china that lives in this cabinet, and she has promised to share a photo of it refilled once I drop this back to her...when she does, I will be sure to come and add it to this post :)


  1. Karen, it's stunning. i think this is probably my favourite thing you have ever painted. I really love it. I'm sure Paula is just thrilled. Your paint job is perfection!
    Fiona x

  2. Beautiful beautiful I not drunk it just deserves to be a couple of times-love dee x

  3. this is just too beautiful...another job well done !
    Bec x

  4. That is a fabulous, fresh paint color! Sweet banner looks super pretty next to it!

  5. I just love it, cannot wait to try the colour mix myself Janet

  6. I think it might suit my kitchen dresser !

  7. I agree, that really is a gorgeous shade of green!

  8. Green is one of my all time favorite colours! Great Job!

  9. Oh I love this piece, so beautiful and the color is amazing. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty