February 22, 2014

Gelato Coloured Dipped Chairs

Ok so I am really really late to the dipped chair trend but I had a vision come to me the other night and I had to play it out...
These were part of a dining suite that I bought recently as I had been looking for a round pedestal table for a client. She only wanted a table so the chairs were spare, and therefore mine to do what I liked with.
This is the best 'before' shot of the chairs I can manage!
I absolutely love these colours - they are both from Porters Paints.
I originally used them here on this set of pastel chairs.

I love the way the chairs turned out - I think the little pop of colour they now sport is a perfect update to give the chairs some character and personality.
These chairs are available for sale - please contact karen@restyledvintage.com or click on the 'online store' tab at the top of this page.


  1. Love the chairs!!! They are adorable!!!

  2. looks great Kare.What did you do with the table-love dee x

  3. Chairs looking very nice. I like it, Thanks for sharing.

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