April 14, 2014

Recent projects and an upcoming giveaway!

I'll get to the good stuff first - the upcoming giveaway. I am thrilled to have been asked to review a great new book called Vintage Caravan Style by Lisa Mora, the editor of Vintage Caravan Magazine.
Vintage caravans are a passion of mine and I have one vintage caravan makeover under my belt but hope to add to that tally very very soon! We had to sell our caravan when we left NZ and I miss it immensely. 

I don't think I have talked about our caravan before on here, and how that caravan project actually led  to me starting Restyled Vintage. We purchased it in the summer of 2007/2008, a couple of years before I started Restyled Vintage. Well and truly before I even knew what a blog was! I repainted the entire interior of the caravan with a fabulous primer called Resene Smooth Surface Sealer. It was the first time I became aware of a primer that would stick to all surfaces without sanding. It covered all the old brown veneer in the caravan brilliantly, and my brain got ticking! I could use it on furniture...I had been wanting to paint furniture for years, but could never be bothered sanding it all back first...with this product, I wouldn't have to! I tried it on a piece of furniture, a hutch dresser. I was thrilled with the result, and went on to paint lots of pieces like an obsessed person (I was, and still am haha!)

I would have loved to have been able to get the exterior painted too, but the budget didn't stretch that far. We still doubled our money when we sold it though, as the popularity of caravans rose in those few years, and continues to.

We had great holidays in our van, to Geraldine, Ashley Gorge, Balmoral and Timaru - sometimes just us, sometimes with friends. My husband only liked to tow it within a couple of hours of home but I was ok with that, I didn't care where, I just loved being away in the caravan!

Even though I didn't have a blog or know what one was then, let alone that I would be writing one, I took lots of before and after pictures so I will share those on here soon.

Back to the giveaway - there is a blog hop happening right now at Stitch Craft Create to promote Lisa's book - please visit this site to see the other blogs participating, and be in with a chance to win a copy of Vintage Caravan Style. I will be posting my own review of the book on April 27th, and will have a copy of the book to give away to my readers (details on how to enter will be in that post).

To finish off, here's a quick rundown of some of the custom jobs I've completed recently, they are keeping me busy which is fantastic!

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  1. wow! so many amazing project- i love the gray curved cabinet!