Hi, I'm Karen, chief designer and creator at Restyled Vintage, 
a little furniture upcycling business I started in 2009.

For over five years, furniture painting was my thing, and I loved it. I'm grateful and proud that my creations that will grace people's homes for many years to come.

But, I got bored. Painting furniture wasn't exciting or challenging me any more. So in April 2014, I bought a caravan! I spent seventeen months undertaking a major renovation, teaching myself a whole lot of new skills along the way. 

Blossom is her name, and she has most certainly blossomed from a very ugly ducking into the prettiest pastel swan you've ever seen.
To see more pictures of how she looks now, click here!

Update February 2016:
On 14th February 2016, Blossom the Classic Caravan was sold and went to live with a new family - they're lovely and absolutely adore their new caravan!

There will definitely be another caravan renovation project in my future, and maybe (hopefully!) even more than one.

Due to commitments in 2016, any new projects won't be undertaken until late in the year, but when they do, you'll be sure to hear about it from me!

Watch this space....